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            Formulated by Dr Janine Bowring

            Dr. Janine Bowring is a naturopathic doctor, formulator, researcher, and author who is passionate about helping people lead healthier lives. She works with Vitatree to create natural products that support wellness and shares her knowledge through writing and speaking engagements. The health and wellness information provided by Vitatree is trustworthy and accurate. You can count on us to give you the latest and greatest information to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

            Whole Food vs Synthetic Nutrients

            Most people take vitamins to make them feel better, to make them healthier.In our busy lives, it’s hard to always make sure you get the right nutrition every day,so we take a vitamin to make up for that. Or does it? That’s the question here.

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            "Life Saver"
            "I feel so much more energetic and these vitamins are even lowering my blood sugar! I can't say it would lower everyone's blood sugar but it seems to be making a difference for Me to which I'm thrilled about! I hope this product is always available as I can't live without them! Thanks so much Dr Bowring!" Jane
            It works
            I am in my 70's and my hair was really thinning. Hair in comb, brush, on clothes….everywhere but on my head!! Tried gummies with not much success, and was concerned about their ingredients. So, decided to give Vira Tree a go, and it works. My hair has stopped falling out, skin looks great. I am very happy! Got my sister using it now. - Gail
            Great product
            I was unable to sleep for 3 1/2 years and since starting VitaTree I have been able to sleep through the night. I feel more calm and relaxed.

            Easy Cold Busting Hot Toddy

            Discover this ancient natural remedy, infused with Vitatree Turmeric.
            There is a reason it has worked for centuries.

            Let's Talk About Your Health Goals

            There's no denying that our health is important. But when it comes to setting goals and making changes to improve our health, it can be tough to know where to start. Schedule a free call now and we'll talk about some simple ways to set health goals that are achievable and realistic. We'll also provide some tips on how to stick to those goals so that you can start seeing results.



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